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Have you considered Drop Shipping?


Drop Ship as a delivery method offers a number of advantages, particularly to small businesses, whether you operate out of a bricks-and-mortar establishment, have an online store, or sell merchandise both ways. Most of our customers buy case pack quantities, but if you need to purchase in smaller quantities (less than our standard $200 order minimum), consider trying our Drop Ship option.  Here are two examples of how it works:


Sandy runs her own small formal wear business and makes dresses for bridesmaids, prom, and Sweet Sixteens. Her customers want special-occasion shoes to match, but she specializes in clothing, not footwear. To meet her customers’ needs and keep them happy, she uses our Drop Ship option when she orders with FootwearUS and places individual orders, one pair at a time, as needed.


Marcus isn’t sure if he can sell wide width styles in his family-owned shoe store, but he’s had a few requests from customers and he’d like to test this market. Rather than bringing in a lot of inventory, he reduces his risk and orders a small quantity from FootwearUS, using Drop Ship. With no minimum, he can order whatever he thinks he can sell, even just a single pair. And Drop Ship allows him to special-order for individual customers in search of wide width shoes. If he decides to carry a regular inventory of wide width shoes, he can always increase his orders to Case Pack quantities, or he can stay with Drop Ship.


Buy Only What You Need 

With Drop Ship from FootwearUS, simply order what you plan to sell, even if it’s a single pair of shoes. There is no minimum. You don’t have to carry extensive inventory, but you’ll still be able to access our entire catalogue of merchandise. (Fulfillment for Amazon, eBay, Bonanza, Walmart, and Overstock orders are not supported)


We Offer “Blind Drop Ship”

We’ll send an order straight from our warehouse to your customer with a return label that reads “Fulfillment Center” or “Shipper.”  This ensures that your customer will return to your business for future purchases. (If requested, we can also send merchandise directly to you.)


Shipping is Free for US Addresses

The Drop Ship option is more expensive than ordering open stock or case pack quantities, but the advantages for your business may offset that cost. Remember, with no minimum you can buy only what you need.


Sign Up and Start Drop Shipping

To join our network of successful dropshippers, please complete an online application for FootwearUS.com and FazPaz.com. After your FootwearUS application is reviewed and approved with all requested information provided, your reseller specific drop ship discount code for FazPaz will be sent to you by email. You will also be able to view favorable open stock and case pack pricing on FootwearUS if small (pair by pair) or large (case pack) bulk ordering is needed. Upon request, jpeg images of selected shoes can be provided (uploaded to your desired cloud storage provider) and shoe descriptions and features can be obtained from individual product pages found on FazPaz. All jpeg images will be watermarked with corresponding brand name and shoe name. Currently at this time, we do not provide excel or csv files of our products for importation to online marketplaces. 


Placing a Drop Ship Order

Select the Drop Ship option under "Shop" category or click on the Drop Ship featured tile on the homepage. You will be directed to our retail site, FazPaz, to complete your purchase applying your reseller specific drop ship discount code to any of the products priced $49.95 or higher. If your FootwearUS account has been approved and have not yet received your drop ship discount code by email (35% discount on FazPaz retail prices, free shipping for US addresses), please contact us. Please be reminded that a valid Sales Tax ID associated to your business through which you are purchasing our products for resale is required for a reseller drop ship discount code as well as the submission of your completed Resale Certificate


For Additional Information 

Please visit Returns & ExchangesShipping,and Orders before making your Drop Ship purchase. All terms and timetables apply, except for the $200 minimum purchase requirement which is not required for drop ship orders.

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